High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing (HPC), also called “Big Compute”, uses a large number of CPU or GPU-based computers to solve complex mathematical tasks.

One of the primary differences between an on-premises HPC system and one in the cloud is the ability for resources to dynamically be added and removed as they’re needed. Dynamic scaling removes compute capacity as a bottleneck and instead allow customers to right size their infrastructure for the requirements of their jobs.

  • Azure compute offers a range of sizes that are optimized for both CPU & GPU intensive workloads.

Why iTreen HPC Solutions?

iTreen will do an assessment to propose the right HPC solution based on your business needs.

  • We do an assessment to select the appropriate architecture based on your requirements.
  • We Know which compute options is right for your workload.
  • We Identify the right storage solution that meets your needs.
  • We define the operational procedure to manage all your resources.
  • We optimize your application for the cloud.
  • We propose the best security for your Infrastructure based on the business compliance level required.