Dev and Test Compute

Using Azure development testing compute solutions, you will significantly reduce the time and hassle of managing development efforts so your team can maintain its focus on application development.

  • Simplify and speed the process of running a dev-test environment. Provision virtual machines in seconds, instead of days or weeks.
    You only pay by the minute you use dev-test up as many virtual machines as you need, network them and allocate to your developers.
  • Manage your environment with agility, whether you support self-provisioning by your developers, or maintain centralized control.
    Replicate real-world usage scenarios in your test environment—and test at production scale to catch and fix problems before you release.
  • If your production environment also runs on Azure, you can create an exact clone and gain a precise view into how your application will behave in the real world.

Azure Dev Ops to minimize waste and maximize control:

Get visibility and tight control on usage of computing resources. Access real-time utilization data to eliminate wastage and implement chargebacks to internal customers. Advanced automation helps reduce errors, unified management balances access and control and enterprise-ready governance capabilities enable you to set limits and control costs.