SAP On Azure

Azure’s High Performance Infrastructure

Combine SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) cloud solutions with the innovation, agility, and reliability of Azure. Built-in backup and recovery simplifies your SAP landscape.

  • Spin up systems in minutes with up to 24 TB of RAM scale-up and 60 TB scale-out for SAP HANA on Azure.
  • High-performance virtual machines, purpose-built bare-metal instances, and massively scalable cloud storage help you get the most from your SAP investments.

Azure Migration Approach

The right approach makes it possible to migrate mission-critical SAP systems to Azure, gaining maximum cost savings, scalability, and agility, without disrupting business operations.

  • Horizontal migration strategy meant moving low-risk environments like our sandboxes first, giving us experience with Azure migration without risking critical business functions in the process.
  • Using a vertical migration strategy to move entire low-impact systems gave us experience with Azure production processes.

Security & data protection

A comprehensive set of compliance offerings help protect your data. Address your security and privacy needs using a suite of cloud products and services, including Azure Security Center, Azure monitoring and management applications, and Azure Active Directory.

When you migrate your SAP workloads to Azure, you get

  • Reliable, highly available, and scalable SAP-certified infrastructure.
  • Development and testing environments on a scalable, high-fidelity, on-demand infrastructure.
  • The ability to bring your own SAP license, reduce capital expenses, and monitor costs.
  • On-demand Azure virtual machines certified for SAP.
  • Advanced threat protection and single sign-on (SSO) with multi-factor authentication.
  • Freedom to move to SAP HANA on your term